WeKongsi 2023 Achievements

In the past year, we had participated in numerous roadshows, events and campaign, leading to the successful of over 1,500 customers to join our platform.

Benefits That We Offer

We are not an insurance provider but a community health management platform.

Medical Shareable Limit up to RM1,000,000

Bereavement up to RM10,000

Accidental injury surgery/ treatment - RM10,000

Daily cash allowance in Government Hospital - RM50 / RM100

Outpatient cancer treatment (Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Electrotherapy) RM100,000

Our Product

This video will highlight the main features and benefits of We Kongsi, such as sharing account access, our partners and the concept of the mutual support and the value of joining We Kongsi community.

How it Work

This video typically highlights the available membership packages, payment structure, sharing account, top-up process, transparency, and example of payment.

Average RM 8.38 per month

2023 total Crowd Share RM 100.59

With maximum RM50 contributions per month is it affordable for you ?

We Kongsi Membership's Package

Feeling excited? I want to register but don't know the price !

Testimonial Videos

Total Claim Amount : RM253493.32

Total Claim Case : 32

Our Partners

We Kongsi Members as per today 1610

What are you waiting for ?? Join us now and enjoy RM1 million Medical Coverage !!


Important Note : We Kongsi is not an insurance company or takaful. Our program is driven by the voluntary agreement among members to share each other’s medical expenses and as such, every member has complete control and full rights to withdraw from the program at any time and to stop sharing medical expenses.

This membership should not be considered and does not function as a group insurance policy or any individual insurance policy. our program operates under a unique model where the risk of each member is shared by the community and does not transfer to the company. Members are also responsible for their own medical expenses. To ensure that all medical needs are fully covered, members are encouraged to consult with a licensed insurance or takaful provider.